Local Representatives Move to Postpone Pre-Scheduled MP BBQs Due to Election Call

August 12, 2015
With the federal election call landing August 2, 2015, three Mississauga area incumbents have moved to postpone their planned community BBQs as these were arranged by their respective offices in respect of their duties as Members of Parliament.
Wladyslaw Lizon, running for re-election in Mississauga East-Cooksville, has postponed his community event this Sunday, August 16th at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre.
Bob Dechert, running for a third win in Mississauga-Erin Mills, had his BBQ set for Saturday, August 22nd at the Churchill Meadows Commons. As well, Brad Butt, looking to repeat in Mississauga Streetsville had his event set for Saturday the 22nd at Centre Plaza in Streetsville.
All three MPs saw the timing as something that had to be addressed, given that the campaigns have already started.
Mr. Lizon, Mr. Dechert and Mr. Butt will look to reschedule these events following the election.

Government of Canada supports economic opportunities for immigrant women in Mississauga

August 2, 2015


Today, the Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, and Brad Butt, MP for Mississauga-Streetsville, announced Government of Canada funding for a new project to increase economic opportunities for immigrant women in Mississauga.

Red Shawl is receiving $81,124 in Government of Canada funding for a project entitled Closing the Gap for Women in Peel: a gender-based analysis of income security and economic prospects. This project will address barriers facing newcomer and immigrant women entrepreneurs in the Peel region. Through a gender-based needs assessment, the project will develop strategies and identify best practices to improve economic opportunities for women, as well as develop recommendations to improve local programs and initiatives that promote women’s economic security and prosperity.

Quick Facts

  • In April 2015, Minister Leitch announced a new campaign entitled It Starts with One — Be Her Champion. This campaign challenges leaders in all fields to make a difference in a woman’s career by becoming her champion or mentor. Canadians can pledge to join the campaign at women.gc.ca/startswithone.
  • Since 2007, the Government of Canada has provided over $162 million through Status of Women Canada for community-based projects. Of this amount, more than $68 million has been invested in projects that promote women’s economic security and prosperity.
  • As part of Economic Action Plan 2015, the Government of Canada will create and execute an Action Plan for Women Entrepreneurs to help more women start and grow their businesses. The Government of Canada has also committed to implementing measures that will ensure increased representation of women in leadership roles within some of Canada’s largest companies.



“Our Government’s number one priority is to create jobs and opportunities for all Canadians. One of the ways we do this is through community-based projects that support women’s economic security and prosperity. We know when women succeed, Canada succeeds.”

The Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, P.C., O.Ont., M.P.
Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women


“I’m proud of our Government’s actions supporting the economic security and prosperity of women across the country and right here in Mississauga. This project with Red Shawl will help us do just that right here in our own community by supporting newcomer and immigrant women entrepreneurs.”

Brad Butt

Member of Parliament, Mississauga-Streetsville


“We welcome the opportunity to partner with the Government of Canada on this project to develop strategies and identify best practices that will improve economic opportunities for immigrant women right here in our own community. It is going to make a real difference in the lives of many women and their families.”

Zari Gill, President

Red Shawl

MP Brad Butt Announces Important Investment through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program Federal Government Supports Community Infrastructure in Mississauga-Streetsville

August 2, 2015


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False campaign about Universal Child Care Benefit online

July 30, 2015

An anti-Conservative group that opposes the boosted Universal Child Care Benefit is spreading false information online. The false ad focuses on the old Child Tax Credit, which was only worth about $300 at the end of the year, not the $2250 as the ad claims. Many families were never eligible to receive it at all. The government has folded this c‎redit into a larger and simpler $720 increase of the Universal Child Care Benefit, which goes to every kid in Canada. Regardless of income, the expanded Universal Child Care Benefit leaves more money in the pockets of 100% of families with kids. No exceptions.
Finally, the Child Tax Credit is often confused with the Canada Child Tax *Benefit* — a completely different program. The Child Tax Benefit remains unchanged.

MP Brad Butt announces advanced Manufacturing Funding for Therapure Biopharma Inc.

July 23, 2015

Brad Butt, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Streetsville

AMF Announcement for Therapure Biopharma Inc.

Mississauga, Ontario

July 23, 2015


Check against delivery

July 23, 2015, Brad making an announcement at Therepure in Mississauga   July 23, 2015, Brad and Minister Goodyear at Therapure in Mississauga   July 23, 2015, Therepure

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, friends and guests.

Thank you for the warm welcome Minister Goodyear, and thank you for that great introduction.

C’est un grand plaisir d’être avec vous aujourd’hui.

It is truly a great day to be at Therapure Biopharma today.

As Minister Goodyear noted, our Government is dedicated to supporting Canada’s manufacturers and businesses like Therapure.

Investments in advanced manufacturing complement our efforts to create a low-tax environment for business investment, ensuring businesses can expand access to foreign markets, supporting innovation and world-class research, training a highly skilled workforce, and creating business opportunities through government procurement.

Our Government is proud to support innovative companies like Therapure.

And we are not the only ones to notice your success – I know you have received awards of recognition from BioTech Canada in 2012, the Contract Manufacturing Organization in 2013, and the International Alternative Investment Review in 2014.

Your success means success for southern Ontario and Canada.

In this spirit of growth and prosperity, today I am pleased to announce another contribution to this great region.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Government is proud to announce that we are providing Therapure with a $20 million repayable contribution, under the Advanced Manufacturing Fund initiative.

The funding will be used to accelerate the design, development and commercialization of Therapure’s PlasmaCap Expanded Bed Absorption technology. Their technology is a first-in-the-world technology and allows for the separation of blood protein more effectively and faster than anywhere else.

Therapure’s process yields more protein from the same amount of blood and does so faster, and at a lower cost, than other similar processes.

Additionally, Therapure will be marketing and selling a unique ‘turn-key solution’ to global clients allowing them to engage in the separation of blood proteins in places where no such services currently exist.

No other company offers this type of a solution and we’re proud to see a firm in southern Ontario take on this innovative and important project.

This innovative turn-key solution will create opportunities for countries to produce locally, treat more patients with the same amount of blood and reduce health care system costs.

Therapure’s technology will allow clients to more easily separate important blood proteins that are used to treat patients with chronic care conditions, to replenish and maintain blood volumes after a traumatic blood injury or during surgery.

Today’s announcement and Therapure’s work will have a direct impact on our economy.

The project is estimated to create 91 direct jobs over the next four years in addition to jobs that will be created across Therapure’s supply chain.

This is the kind of project I love to talk about because it is through this type of undertaking that we can establish southern Ontario as a world-class cluster for biologics and plasma protein technology.

Additionally, Therapure has committed to support skills development and knowledge sharing within southern Ontario by providing training on biopharma product development and commercialization. This will ensure that experience and knowledge in this field is retained right here in southern Ontario.

Today’s announcement means greater productivity and opportunity for our manufacturers, jobs for our people and prosperity for this province and this country.

Our Government will continue to invest directly in transformative projects like this one, where the return on our investment will benefit taxpayers and the country directly.

I am confident the Advanced Manufacturing Fund will do exactly that for Therapure.

Congratulations again. I am looking forward to seeing the important work being done by Therapure as it takes shape. I wish all of those involved the best of luck and success as you progress.

Community Bulletin: distribution of flyers

July 21, 2015

I am aware that a group has been circulating very graphic flyers depicting Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in our community.

Like you, I am very upset by the flyer’s content and in no way endorse its delivery to our homes.

Neither I nor the Conservative Party of Canada have any involvement in this campaign.

Today, parents get child care payments from Harper Government

July 20, 2015

Lump sum child care benefit of about $500 per child hits parents’ bank accounts and mailboxes, totalling $3 billion in a single day


July 20, 2015       Mississauga, ON                       Employment and Social Development Canada

July 17, 2015 Brad making an announcement on the UCCBBrad Butt, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Streetsville, celebrated the first installment of our Government’s boosted Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) today. The newly increased child care benefit pays almost $2000 every year for each child under 6 and $720 for each child aged 6 through 17. With a retroactive payment from January 1, 2015, the Harper Government transferred almost $3 billion to 3.8 million families today—the largest single-day direct payment to families in history.

Starting today, payments of $520 for each child under 6, and $420 for each child aged 6 through 17 will be delivered to families across Canada. That means a family with two kids should receive as much as $1,000 today. Parents can spend this money on anything they choose, including child care services, back-to-school supplies, sports activities and much more, boosting the economy and creating jobs across Canada.

About 3.8 million families will benefit from the boosted UCCB—double the number of families that previously qualified. While the majority of families in Canada are waking up to this welcomed boost to their bank accounts, an estimated 200,000 families may have missed out because they did not apply. Families that are not currently receiving the UCCB, that have never received the UCCB, or that have never applied for the Canada Child Tax Benefit and have children under 18 in their care are encouraged to go to www.canada.ca/taxsavings to find out how to apply.

In addition to the boosted UCCB, families recently received nearly $2 billion in tax refunds this spring through the Family Tax Cut. The Family Tax Cut allows couples with children under 18 to split July 17, 2015, Brad and Min. Finley meeting with Streetsville business ownerstheir income and reduce their tax burden by as much as $2,000. Payments to families will also continue under the Child Tax Benefit, which remains unchanged.

Last Friday MP Butt and Minister Kerry-Lynne Findlay met with local business owners and residents of Streetsville to talk about the benefits of the UCCB and our Governments new Family Tax Cuts and Benefits plan.


Quick Facts

  • Approximately X dollars in UCCB payments sent today to about (X number of) families in the province of (name of province).
  • All families with children will benefit from the new Family Tax Cuts and Benefits Plan, which includes the Family Tax Cut, the increased UCCB, the Child Care Expenses Deduction and the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit.
  • The UCCB has increased to $160 per month from $100 per month for each child under the age of 6, and a new benefit of $60 per month has been introduced for each child aged 6 through 17.
  • Combined with tax relief and other measures for families introduced by the Government of Canada since 2006, a typical family of four can receive up to $6,600 in tax relief and enhanced benefits in 2015.
  • Approximately 1.2 million cheques were sent to families across Canada. The remaining UCCB payments were made via direct deposit, for a total of more than 3.8 million payments.
  • Low- and middle-income families will receive two-thirds of the overall benefits provided by the Government of Canada’s new family measures.
  • The Family Tax Cut will eliminate or significantly reduce the difference in the federal tax payable by a one-earner couple relative to a two-earner couple with a similar family income.

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Eid al-Fitr

July 17, 2015

Eid al-Fitr, or the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast, marks the end of Ramadan, which is considered to be the holiest month of the year for Muslims in Canada and around the world.

July 8, 2015, Iftar Dinner with Shaq, Rafiq and SenatorThe month-long fast was a time to focus on spiritual renewal, almsgiving, and strengthening family and community relations.

Eid al-Fitr also provides an opportunity for all Canadians to reflect on the contributions of Canada’s diverse Muslim community, numbering approximately one million people.July 8, 2015, Brad at Iftar Dinner with Hassan, Fareeda and Imran

Last week I was pleased to attend an Iftar Dinner at Zad’s Restaurant in Streetsville and in late June I was honoured to co-host an event with Rev. Majed El Shafi in Ottawa celebrating the start of Ramadan.

Ramadan is a special time that encourages humility, charity, family, community and faith, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to mark Iftar with members of the community.

On behalf of all Canadians, I wish everyone celebrating Eid al-Fitr health, happiness and success.

Eid Mubarak.

MP Butt supports commemorative bench for Jason

July 14, 2015

This morning Jason, Ralph Faustino, passed away. Members of our community are asking for help to raise funds for a bench to be placed in Streetsville honouring our friend Jason. Jason was well known in Streetsville and a part of its daily culture as he would use the benches around town and socialize with everyone.

The commemorative bench will include a plaque and any donations above the amount needed for the bench will be donated to the funeral if needed, memorial celebration and warm meals for the group home Jason stayed at for many years.

This morning MP Brad Butt donated towards the bench and is asking local residents to do the same. If you are interested in donating please click HERE.