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Streetsville Village Square makes its return

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Streetsville Village Square

cenotaph reno
Mississauga News

MISSISSAUGA – After $3 million and months of on-and-off construction, Streetsville Village Square is back in action.

The revamped public space is now a breath of fresh air with a covered stage, sound system and new lighting for residents and visitors to enjoy.

A focal point of the area is the fully restored cenotaph, which was repaired with $100,000 in funding from the federal government.

Speaking at the soft re-opening of the square on Saturday (Sept. 13), Mayor Hazel McCallion told the crowd that the war memorial is sacred and the redevelopment was carried out with that in mind.

“In the plan (the architect) recognized that (the cenotaph) would be set aside and given special attention and recognition,” said McCallion, adding that it always bothered her when people used the spot for skateboarding or sitting down to eat ice cream.

McCallion also apologized to the businesses surrounding the square for the hiccups during the two-year redevelopment process, which had to be reeled back because the initial contract was “way above budget.” Once that was cancelled and another contractor was signed on, there were additional delays when the ground was dug up.

“When you dig up any part of Mississauga that’s in existence for a while, you find problems…some things went ahead without permits many, many years ago,” she said.

McCallion also touched on how the re-opening of the square held a special place in her heart as she previously served as mayor of Streetsville from 1970-1973.

“(Streetsville has been) a major part of Sam’s (her late-husband) and my life. I just love the area,” she said.

Ward 11 councillor George Carlson said the idea to revamp Streetsville Village Square has been in the making for nearly eight years and he hoped the square will bolster the local economy as well as generate dozens of jobs.

“We’re no longer a village that makes bricks anymore, we don’t seem to have much in the way of mill work…but we do seem to have something other people don’t have and that’s a heritage village that we need to take advantage of,” he said.

Mississauga-Streetsville MP Brad Butt added: “I know it took some time and there were some bumps along the road, but there is an old cliché that says, ‘Some things are just worth the wait,’ and this clearly is an example of something that was well worth the wait.”

An official opening of the public space is slated for next spring.

Lisgar Cell Tower

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On National Day of Service, MP Brad Butt encourages charitable activities and community service

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OTTAWA, September 11, 2014

Today, Brad Butt, M.P. for Mississauga-Streetsville, issued a statement encouraging Canadians to participate in charitable activities and community service across Canada:

“On this day in 2001, the world looked on in horror as our neighbours in the United States suffered one of the most shocking terrorist acts in history. Nearly 3,000 lives were lost, including 24 Canadians, and the world would never be the same.

“As Canadians, we rallied to the sides of our American friends, opened our hearts and homes, and helped them to recover. There is no better example than the small community of Gander, Newfoundland, which took in so many thousands of stranded travelers and provided them with food, shelter and compassion.

“In memory of that tragic day, Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a call to action. He asked us all to come together through charitable activities and community service, in order to remember the lives that were lost and to pay tribute to the great courage and sacrifice of so many during those events.

“As Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Streetsville, I know the dedication of the citizens of our great city of Mississauga. It is inspiring to see both individuals and groups come together in our community in support of common and meaningful causes.

“Today, we thank all volunteers who give of their time, put their skills to work, demonstrate acts of kindness and compassion, and willingly make sacrifices to better the lives of others. The dedicated volunteers of Mississauga inspire us to rise to the occasion and join them in such meaningful work.”

Brads Remarks at the Best Buddies Canada Conference

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Remarks at the Best Buddies Canada

Leadership & Development Conference

International Plaza Hotel, Toronto

September 6, 2014

by Brad Butt, MP, Mississauga-Streetsville


MP Brad Butt attended the Best Buddies conference on Sept 6 2014.

Good morning everyone/Bonjour a tous,

Merci beaucoup pour l’invitation aujourd’hui. Thank you very much for the kind invitation to join you again this year and to celebrate this wonderful organization and all of you as Best Buddies and supporters.

All of you are here today because you care about ensuring each and every person in this country has a chance to succeed and to be a full participating member of our community. You are here because you embrace the great Canadian value of volunteerism. More Canadians as a percentage of our population volunteer in their community than any other country in the world. This is something of which we should be immensely proud.

Volunteering and giving back promote an inclusive community – where people support one another and where we build better communities. Volunteering also gives us a sense of accomplishment and value – we know we are doing something positive and important and at the same time helping others out.

When I was an early teenager, I started to volunteer in my community. I found organizations I liked and where I believed in their cause. I was a founding member of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee in Mississauga as an example – because the Mayor – Hazel McCallion, still Mayor today – believed that young people needed to have a voice at City Hall. That group still exists today – 30 years later and continues to provide valuable advice to Mississauga City Council.

Volunteering can come in both large and small ways. You can certainly join a large group like MYAC and work on dozens of different projects or you can do what you are doing today – giving of your time to one “buddy.” Volunteering is not measured by the quantity of your involvement but rather the quality.

By being a volunteer – certainly from my perspective – it greatly enhances your contacts both in the community at large and in business. There is an old cliché that “it’s who you know, not what you know” and in many ways this is very true. Not to downplay the importance of education and experience but many of the most successful people I know have made that success through their contacts they have met through community organizations for which they volunteered.

Volunteering also demonstrates to others that you have a strong sense of values and strong work ethic. As we all know volunteering is un-paid, not because it is “worthless” but because it is “priceless.” People in your future will look at the fact you volunteered and it will pay a dividend.

Along with joining MYAC, I also served as President of the Student Council in my high school and was very active in other school clubs. This involvement taught me some valuable things about my school, how to make it better, work with administration and teachers and promote community involvement and leadership. You will spend 8-10 years of your life in high school and college or university and you can make the most of that experience.

If you are not already involved in some way, give it some thought. School is more than books and classes – although that is important. School should be a fully rounded experience helping to create the future leaders of our country.

My last little piece of advice for you is never give up. You will experience ups and downs all of your life – and you must learn from all of these experiences.

I was elected a Member of Parliament in May 2011. It is an honour and privilege to serve my community in the House of Commons.

However, this was not my first election. I had actually run four times before and lost every time. I remember a reporter asking me after I had lost for the fourth time to explain this. I replied, “well – you can’t win them all!”

We shared a laugh but I have to tell you that although each and every one of those election losses was tough, I learned something from each one – and, I never gave up.

Friends, you can make this the most wonderful life you want it to be. You can be leaders and you can make a difference.

You and I live in the best country in the world and we have the Best Buddies.

I hope your experience through this wonderful organization shows you that we are an inclusive and respectful people, that we support each other and that we ensure that no one is left behind.

On behalf of all the Members of the Hose of Commons, the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada, thank you for your commitment today. We will be forever grateful for your compassion, caring and your giving back.

Thank you.







Trip to Armenia, Turkey & Kurdistan (Iraq)

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Trip to Armenia, Turkey & Kurdistan (Iraq)

One Free World International

August 24 – September 1, 2014

Brad Butt, MP, Mississauga-Streetsville and two other Conservative MPs joined a delegation of One Free World International – a Canadian based human rights organization – for a trip to Armenia, Turkey and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The purpose of the trip was to meet with officials on the ongoing Armenia-Turkey conflict and to see first-hand the effects of the ISIS attacks in Iraq on religious minorities.

August 24, 2014

The delegation left Toronto Pearson Airport for Moscow, Russia where we changed planes and headed to Yerevan, Armenia where we arrived on the afternoon of August 25, 2014.


August 25, 2014

August 25 August 25- 2After arriving in Yerevan, Armenia we met with Dr. Hranush Hakobyan, Minister of the Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia. There are close to 8 million Armenians living outside of the country that is only a population of 3 million itself. The meeting detailed the work they do on the Armenia genocide and in keeping the country’s attachment to these people.

The delegation then met with Mr. Edward Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Armenia who provided a detailed update on the Armenia-Turkey relations and efforts to open the border between the two countries. There continues to be quite a bit of tension between the nations due to the outstanding genocide issue as well as problems with neighbouring country Azerbaijan.


August 26, 2014

August 26We visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial where we paid tribute to the millions affected by this event in 1915, laid flowers and a wreath and toured the site and museum of archives accompanied by Mr. Hayk Demoyan, Director of the Museum of the Armenian Genocide.

The delegation then proceeded to the Armenian Parliament Building where we met with Mr. Galust Sahakyan, President of the National Assembly and members of the Armenia-Canada Parliamentary Friendship Group.

The group then met with Mr. Artashes Emin, Honourary Consul General that provides consulate services to Canadians in Armenia.

We visited and toured the TUMO Centre – an advanced technology centre for youth aged 12-18 to explore various technologies as an after-school program. The Centre was donated by a businessman to help get Armenian children better technological skills.

The group then visited the Holy See of Ejmiatsin and toured the very historic buildings of the Armenian Church.

We attended a dinner hosted by members of the National Assembly that are part of the Armenia-Canada Parliamentary Friendship Group.


August 27 & 28, 2014

August 27August 28Very early in the morning, we flew back to Moscow, Russia and got a connecting flight to Istanbul, Turkey. Due to the ongoing problems between Armenia and Turkey, there are no flights between the two countries.

The group met with Turkiye journalist Ceren Kenar who provided an excellent overview of the Armenia-Turkey conflict and the state of governance and politics in Turkey.

We then met with Professor Erhan Erkut, formerly a professor at the University of Alberta, on his perspectives of the Armenia-Turkey issue and the genocide issue.   He also facilitates student exchange between Canada and Turkey and encouraged even greater numbers in the future benefitting both countries.

That night we attended a dinner hosted by Mr. Rusen Cetin, Chairman of Tureks and a member of the Canada-Turkey Business Council.


August 29, 2014

The delegation met with Dr. Yilmaz Arguden, Chair of the Canada-Turkey Business Council who detailed the trade and economic relationship between our two countries and opportunities for the future.

The group visited Kultur University where we met with Professor Dr. Mensur Akgun, Director of the Global Political Trends Centre who provided a very detailed assessment of the Turkey-Armenia conflict.

We then proceeded later that night to the airport to fly to Erbil, Iraq.


August 30, 2014

The delegation arrived in Erbil, Kurdistan (Iraq) and was met by Mr. Fahmi Mansoor, President of the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council and members before proceeding to our hotel.

We then visited with Archbishop Bashar Warda of the Chaldean Diocese of Erbil and toured the refugee camps they are hosting on their property and spoke with many of the international displaced persons (IDPs) living in the tents and buildings in the area.

The delegation met with His Excellency Bruno Saccamoni, Canadian Ambassador to Iraq and Jordon and officials to discuss the IDP issue and ongoing Canada-Iraq relations. The Ambassador noted that a Visa office is due to open in Erbil later in September.

The group then visited the largest IDP United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) camp in Erbil, housed primarily in an abandoned industrial building and surrounded by tents, that is supported by the Government of Canada through the World Food Program.


August 31, 2014

August 31The delegation travelled for 2 ½ hours to visit the city of Duhok, Kurdistan which has the single largest number of IDPs as a result of the attacks of ISIS on religious minorities in Iraq. Duhok is approximately 70 km from the city of Mosul which is ground zero for ISIS in Iraq.

We met with Mr. Behzad Ali Adam, Deputy Governor of the Kurdistan Regional Government and several other parliamentarians including Dr. Nezar Ismet Taib, Director General of Health for Duhok on the health and medical needs of the IDPs.

The group, accompanied by Yazidi Leader Shekh Shamo Shekho, Chairman of the High Corporation of Cultural & Social Ialish Centre visited the IDP camp housed in many half-finished school buildings that have been temporarily converted to refugee housing. We spoke with many of the residents there about their plight and treatment at the hands of ISIS. They continue to suffer greatly with many having family members brutally killed in the attacks and others that have been unable to even locate family members.

We concluded our visit to Duhok with a meeting at the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council where they detailed the thousands of years history of their people in this region of Iraq that still face religious persecution to this day.


September 1, 2014

Myself and the Rev. Majed El Shafie, Founder and President of One Free World International, flew from Erbil, Iraq to Istanbul Turkey, to Frankfurt, Germany and then to Toronto home.



I would like to express my sincere thanks to our hosts One Free World International and the many on the ground agencies in Armenia, Turkey and Kurdistan that provided such great hospitality and support. This was an important mission in advancing reconciliation between Armenia and Turkey as well as being a witness for the current genocide taking place against religious minorities at the hands of ISIS.


No public taxpayer money was expended for this trip.



Government’s Plan to End Paper Billing Practices

August 29, 2014 Comments off

Statement by Industry Minister James Moore on our Governments’s Plan to End Paper Billing Practices

Ottawa, August 29, 2014- The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry, made the following statement on pay-to-pay billing:

“Today, the Harper Government is announcing that it will introduce legislation to end pay-to-pay billing practices in the telecommunications sector. Canadian consumers have been clear that they expect lower prices and better services from telecommunications providers. That is why our government committed to ending this unfair practice and putting the interests of Canadian consumers first.

“More and more Canadians are finding a new charge appearing on their monthly bills, including their wireless bill. This fee is charged to those who receive their bill in the mail. Increasingly, many Canadians are being charged this new fee by companies from whom they have been receiving service for decades. We do not believe that Canadians should pay more to receive a paper copy of their telephone or wireless bill.

“That is why, in the 2013 Speech from the Throne, our government committed to end this unfair practice once and for all. We will continue to promote policies that support Canadian consumers and put more money back in the pockets of hard-working Canadian families.”

Canada Contributes to Improving Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and Food Security in Guatemala

August 21, 2014 Comments off

Canada’s leadership in maternal, newborn and child health will help improve health and nutrition in Guatemala

August 21, 2014 – Mississauga, Ontario – Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

August 21- Lois Brown and MP Butt MNCH roundtableToday, Lois Brown, Parliamentary Secretary to the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, and Brad Butt, Member of Parliament for Mississauga–Streetsville, co-hosted a round table with stakeholders to discuss Canada’s leadership role in maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH), as well as the concrete actions Canada can take going forward to continue to improve the lives of mothers and their children in the developing world. This meeting was part of the consultations announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper at theSaving Every Woman, Every Child: Within Arm’s Reach summit, which took place in Toronto on May 28–30, 2014.

PS Brown is holding a series of MNCH round tables in Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan in the month of August. During today’s round table in Mississauga, Ontario, PS Brown took the opportunity to announce support to help improve MNCH in Guatemala.

“I am proud to announce Canada’s contribution to the National Survey on Maternal and Child Health in Guatemala supported by UNICEF,” said PS Brown. “This important initiative will contribute to improved health and nutrition programming based on reliable national statistics on MNCH and on food security in Guatemala.”

“Peel Region is home to people from all over the world,” added MP Butt. “They want Canada to support women and children with their health needs, and that is why the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health initiative is so important.”

The consultation focused on how to ensure that global commitments deliver tangible results while remaining accountable to those in need as well as to Canadian taxpayers. Canada is committed to scaling up interventions that will have the greatest impact, including in the areas of nutrition, vaccination and newborn health.

“The initiative announced today will provide critical updated analyses that will help orient government, civil society and donor interventions in the health and nutrition sectors,” said Minister Paradis. This project, supported by UNICEF, isAug 21- Lois Brown and MP Butt MNCH roundtable fully aligned with Canada’s engagement strategy in the Americas as well as our development priorities on food security and MCNH in Guatemala.”

In 2010, Prime Minister Stephen Harper launched the Muskoka Initiative, which put MNCH at the forefront of global development efforts. Thanks to Canadian leadership and subsequent global action, maternal mortality rates are declining and millions more children are celebrating their fifth birthday. Recognizing there is much more work to be done, Prime Minister Harper hosted the Saving Every Woman, Every Child: Within Arm’s Reach summit in Toronto in 2014. At the summit, Canada committed an additional $3.5 billion in support and, through the Toronto Statement, laid the groundwork to end the preventable deaths of mothers, newborns and children under the age of five within a generation.


Quick Facts

  • On May 28–30, 2014, in Toronto, the Prime Minister hosted Saving Every Woman, Every Child: Within Arm’s Reach. At the summit, Canada committed $3.5 billion in support for the period of 2015–2020 and renewed global momentum to advance MNCH as a global priority beyond 2015.
  • Canada’s contribution will continue to target the most effective ways to reduce maternal and child deaths by prioritizing three programming areas: strengthening health systems, improving nutrition, and reducing the burden of leading diseases.
  • Solid international progress is being made to address MNCH. The number of women who die each year during pregnancy or childbirth has dropped substantially: from 523,000 deaths in 1990 to 289,000 in 2013.
  • The global number of deaths of children under the age of five has dropped significantly as well: from nearly 12 million in 1990 to 6.6 million in 2012.

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Welcoming the 150,000th New Citizen of 2014

August 19, 2014 Comments off

August 19, 2014 —Today, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that Canada has welcomed its 150,000th new citizen of 2014. This is double the number of new citizens compared to the same period in 2013 and thanks to the action taken by the government to reduce backlogs and improve processing times. Alexander attended a citizenship ceremony in Scarborough and welcomed the country’s newest Canadians. At the event, Alexander highlighted the government’s recent changes to the citizenship system, which have led to improved processing times and an eight percent reduction to the citizenship backlog.

Recent changes to the Citizenship Act, which received Royal Assent on June 19, 2014, will allow for further improvements to the efficiency of the Citizenship program. The new streamlined decision-making process and other changes to the Citizenship Act are expected to bring the processing time for citizenship applications down to under one year, reduce the citizenship application backlog by more than 80 percent and achieve a working inventory of applications in fiscal year 2015-2016.

Quick facts

  • Since 2006, Canada has enjoyed the highest sustained levels of immigration in its history ¾ an average of one quarter-million newcomers each year.
  • For new Canadians, the citizenship ceremonymarks their formal entry into the Canadian family. A citizenship ceremony is a unique part of Canadian civic life. It is one of the formal occasions when we reflect on the rights, responsibilities and exceptional privilege of being a Canadian citizen.
  • Since 2006, Canada has welcomed over 1,300,000 proud new Canadians.
  • Newcomers can learn about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and more, in the Discover Canada guide.

Hon. Yelich, Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular) visit to Mississauga-Streetsville

August 19, 2014 Comments off

Mississauga, Ontario-August 19, 2014- During her cross Canada summer tour the Hon. Lynne Yelich, Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular), stopped into Mississauga to join Brad Butt, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Streetsville, for the day to visit many local organizations.

Aug 19-Min. Yelich and MP Butt at Citizenship ceremonyThe day started by welcoming 100 new Canadian citizens at a citizenship ceremony with Judge Karen McMillan and Clerk Andre Visser. Min. Yelich and MP Butt then attended a monthly meeting at Peel Interfaith Council with Council members to discuss innovative ways and strategies to maximize human well-being by improving areas such as; social, cultural, community economic and environmental outcomes. They also brought greetings from Dr. Andrew Bennett, Canadian ambassador for the Office of Religious Freedoms. Aug 19- Min. Yelich and MP Butt at PMC roundtable

Min. Yelich and MP Butt attend a roundtable held by Peel Multicultural Council that also included local stakeholders from Mississauga on services and products available to Canadians while abroad through Consular Services. They also discussed social enterprise issues and how to get newcomers to Canada to move out west to obtain jobs and the types of jobs and job creation opportunities that western Canada has for newcomers. They then visited the Hindu Heritage Centre for a tour of the temple with Shastri Ji- Pundit of the Temple and to speak to their seniors group about local issues. Aug 19- Min. Yelich and MP Butt at Hindu Heritage Centre

Aug 19- Min. Yelich and MP Butt at Coptic centre MissThe day ended with Min. Yelich and MP Butt visiting the Canadian Coptic Centre with Bishop Mena and Father Angelos to tour the facility and discuss the history of Coptic Christian religion and the Coptic churches expansion in Mississauga to seven churches.

Call for Proposals: Increasing Economic Prosperity for Women

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On behalf of the Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, Brad Butt, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Streetsville, today invited organizations across Canada to propose new projects that will promote the economic prosperity of women in Canada, and position them for greater economic success.

The Government of Canada will be supporting projects selected through this new Call for Proposals by Status of Women Canada entitled Increasing Economic Prosperity for Women. These projects will engage women and others in addressing the unique challenges facing women in today’s economy, and remove barriers that prevent them from contributing fully to the growth of the economy in their communities.

The deadline for applications to be submitted is noon (12:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time) on October 17, 2014. Apply Now!

This Call for Proposals by Status of Women Canada aligns with the Government of Canada’s number one priority which is to support jobs, growth and long-term prosperity for all Canadians.

Quick Facts

  • Projects under this Call for Proposals will engage key stakeholders – institutions, employers, sector and professional organizations and local communities – to promote the economic prosperity of women in Canada. They will also address institutional barriers and other factors that limit economic opportunities for women.
  • Through the Women’s Program at Status of Women Canada, the Government of Canada has invested more than $54 million in projects that promote women’s economic security and prosperity throughout the economy.
  • On June 26, 2014, the report of the Government of Canada’s Advisory Council for Promoting Women on Boards was released. It outlines a roadmap for improving the representation of women on public and private boards that will also build a stronger economy. One of the report’s main recommendations is that public and private sectors in Canada aspire to seeing women attain 30% of all board positions over the next five years.
  • Economic Action Plan 2014 outlined the Government’s commitment to increasing mentorship for women looking to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs.